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Simultaneous technical support to provide integrated technical solution    Multiple blow molding solution application 3D blow molding technology application


On the basis of the technical advantages of injection molding and molds, the company makes full use of the technical advantages and internal resources, focuses on the development of blow molding technology, and dynamically combines blow molding and injection molding through welding, painting, assembly and other processing technologies to produce a variety of plastic products with complex shapes and high technical demands, thus fully meeting the requirements of different customers.

The company introduces and trains a group of technical R&D and production control personnel to control the whole process of R&D, production and quality, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of blow molding. The company has specialized blow molding machinery with angled blowing selection function and multiple fully automatic blow molding machines controlled by 3D point parison, which meet the processing requirements of various blow molding methods such as upper blowing, lower blowing, side blowing and angled blowing. The machines provide reliable hardware for the production of various blow molding products. The oblique blowing technology in particular has become a mature processing technology of the company.

At present, the company's annual production capacity of plastic blow molding has reaches 3,000 tons, which can produce various conventional packaging containers from 0.5 to 200L. At the same time, in order to meet the demands of the market and fully utilize the company's resources, we can develop various special-shaped products, such as various types of air piping and various fuel tanks of hydrodynamic hydraulic series our company currently develops for automotive supporting parts.

In addition to the assurance of good process technology and processing equipment for blow molding, the company also provides sufficient guarantee for the procurement of plastic raw materials. The company procures raw materials mainly by importing from countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United States.


For tubes and pipes of 3D rotary shapes, such as fuel filling pipes or auto air inlet pipes for automobile industry, or pipes on household electrical appliances, the traditional extrusion blow molding will have flashes on the joint lines, leading to high flash rate and welding seams. In extreme case, the flashes weigh several times heavier than the products. Typical extra-long welding seams also require very high mold clamping force. 

The 3D blow molding machines our company purchases can manufacture products without flashes (or only with few flashes). In this way, the company remarkably saves raw materials and money, reduce energy consumption and production cycle. 


Compared with traditional blowing molding, 3D blow molding technology has the following advantages:

1.High-quality blow molding without weld seams

2.The thickness of the outer wall is more evenly distributed

3.The firmness at weld seams will not be reduced due to accumulation of raw materials or scratches

4.Low flash loss and low reworked material amount

5.Small extruder, mold clamping device and grinding machine reduce capital investment

6.Reduction of raw materials to be mixed and cooled reduces operating costs

Optimization of outer wall thickness. In order to solve the problem of uneven outer wall thickness at the bend and prevent the outer wall from colliding with the model in front, Kautex Maschinenbau Co., Ltd. has developed a radioactive outer wall thickness control system that adjusts the outer wall thickness of the parison in the direction of radioactivity.

Continuous co-extrusion and co-extrusion processes. Continuous co-extrusion and multi-layer co-extrusion up to 7 layers are special 3D technology. In the process of continuous co-extrusion (also known as hard-soft-hard technology), two different raw materials are continuously extruded. Materials are screened with different duometers. For example, products with a soft bottom and a hard mid-section or an integrated bottom can be produced.

The fuel filling pipe can also apply the same outer wall structure of the fuel tank, and be produced by the co-extrusion technology of 6 or 7 layers.


The company's production equipment and the available technology basically meet the production requirements of various challenging products. At present, the company has been engaged in manufacture of blow molding products for various fields such as automobiles, hydraulic equipment, electromechanical products, food/beverage packaging, chemicals/pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, household electrical appliances, transportation, etc. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, the United States and other countries. The products are mainly divided into the following categories:

I.Auto parts

1.External components: bumpers, spoilers, various baffles and fenders, door panels, top panels, etc.

2.Internal components: seats, headrests, visors, speaker housings, decorative panels, etc.

3.Tanks: fuel tanks, hydraulic oil storage tanks, coolant oil tanks, radiator liquid flow tanks, air filter housings, etc.

4.Pipe fittings: fuel feed pipes, radiator pipes, etc.

5.Ventilation pipes: engine inlet and outlet pipes, cooler pipes, defrosters, etc.

II. Industrial products

Various conventional packaging containers (0.5-200L): 5L, 6L, 10L, 20L, 25L, 50L, 200 L steel and plastic barrel liners;

III. Agricultural machinery

Surface coverings for various mechanical equipment, such as rice transplanters, excavators, and diesel engines;





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