Mr. ZHANG Guoliang

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Chairman of the Board of Director Mr. ZHANG Guoliang:

Chairman of the Board of Director ZHANG Guoliang, an outstanding Chinese entrepreneur

As the founder of China's carbon fiber legend, ZHANG Guoliang has realized Chinese people’s 40-year dream of domestic production of carbon fiber. He has built the largest 10,000-ton carbon fiber production enterprise in China, successfully realized the homemade and industrialization of carbon fiber, completely broken the long-term monopoly of developed countries in the Chinese carbon fiber market, and changed China's complete dependence on carbon fiber imports, thus making a great contribution to China's economic development and national security. Mr. ZHANG Guoliang, professor-level senior engineer, Ph.D., enjoys special allowance from the State Council. He is the Chairman and Party Secretary of Lianyungang Yingyou Textile Machinery Group and Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., the deputy to the 10th and 11th National People's Congress, the deputy to the 10th and 11th Jiangsu Provincial Party Congress, the member of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Jiangsu Province, and the executive committee member of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the textile and light industry expert of the Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, the President of the Carbon Fiber Branch of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, the outstanding model of Jiangsu Province, and the outstanding grassroots leader of Jiangsu Province. ZHANG Guoliang has been awarded various honors and titles, including the National May 1st Labor Medal, the National Machinery Industry Labor Model, the Chinese Textile Industry Annual Innovator, the National Outstanding Individual of Ideological, Political and Culture Development in Textile Industry, the National Textile Academic and Technical Leader, the National Outstanding Entrepreneur of Private Scientific and Technical Enterprises, the Outstanding Entrepreneur of Chinese Machinery Industry, the Outstanding Employee Caring Private Entrepreneur, and the Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of Jiangsu Province, etc. He is also a second-level key training individual of the “333” project in Jiangsu Province.




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